Hooked in Astoria

   By Elleda Wilson

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Hold Me Cloche front

Hold Me Cloche front

 Hold Me Cloche side

 Hold Me Cloche back

Cloche comes in two colors  ($24 + $3 shipping) or one solid color ($22 + $3 shipping). To order, email Elleda



Tamoshanty front

Tamoshanty side

Tamoshanty back

Tamoshanty can be worn several different ways, and comes in solid colors ($20 + $3 shipping) or combinations of two colors ($22 + $3 shipping). Junior Tams for children are also available for $18 (solid) and $20 (two colors). To order email Elleda


  Snuggle Mitts

Snuggle Mitts closed stitch

Closed stitch ($17 + $3 shipping) for extra warmth on a cold and blustery day. Comes in several colors. To order email Elleda

Snuggle Mitts open

Open work stitching ($15 + $3 shipping) to take the chill off on a crisp day. Comes in several colors. To order email Elleda


All items available at Astoria Sunday Market, (Second Sunday in May through the second Sunday in October) or by emailing Elleda

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