Gallery 14 - Windows and More

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Astoria Photografpix SM-470, window, astoria, oregon, abandoned, house   Astoria Photografpix, SM-471, old house, windows, astoria, oregon   Astoria Photografpx, SM-472, turret with windows, yellow house, astoria, oregon  

Astoria Photografpix, SM-474, back porch, old house, astoria, oregon   Astoria Photografpix, SM-473, windows, porch, painted lady, astoria, oregon, house, stained glass   Astoria Photografpix, SM-475, mansion, 12th street, astoria, oregon, house

Astoria Photografpix, SM-476, Painted Lady, house front, Astoria, Oregon   Astoria Photografpix, SM-477, Flavel House, Victorian, detail, eighth street, astoria, oregon